Photography tips to look taller in photos

Tips for posing in photos that will change the way you look

Photography tips to look taller in photos

Being short has benefits such as: not having problems with hitting a lamp, it is easier to find a couple, and you look younger in most cases.

And although all this is true, many short girls do not want to lose the benefits of looking taller in photos such as: transmitting security, power, and elegance.

The good news is that you can get the best of both worlds if you learn to pose for your photos, wear the right clothes, and know a couple of camera tricks.

Celebrities like Tom Cruise, Eva Longoria, and Lady Gaga use daily tricks that although they are shorter than 5'1, we can not see it.

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In this special video on "Photo tips to look taller in photos" you will find:

-One video with tips on how to dress to look taller. Not only in your photos but in real life.

- The second video with tricks like:

  • The correct position of your shoulders

  • What is the right angle

  • How to take advantage of the perspective

  • A method that will make you look taller in just one click

  • The pose that will lengthen your legs

  • And more

Duration of video 1: 3:50 minutes

Duration of video 2: 10:42 minutes

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