The Rock Pose - Photo tip for man

Photo tip for man

Having the spotlight on us can be, well, uncomfortable.  Being in front of the camera is no different.  The trick is to be confident and learn to play with what you’ve got.  

One pose we see movie star Dwayne Johnson doing a lot is unbuttoning his sleeve (from where he pulls out this trick).  It’s subtle, but we smell exactly what “The Rock” is cooking.  This guy is not only strong but also smart.  As a former pro wrestler, he’s got an arena full of maneuvers that he knows work for him, and he’s confident using them in front of the camera.  The result? An off-the-top-rope finish that leaves him looking refined chic, yet self-assured in his masculinity. 

Are you ready to try this trick? Leave your questions and comments below. 

Happy Snapping!