How to pose with a comfy donut in a pool

Comfort Vs aesthetics

Donuts are the comfort food of our dreams.  Eating them boosts our immune system, but these treats can lead to a lethargic evening or even a possible stomach ache. 

Likewise, if you have ever been in a donut float at the swimming pool, you know how dreamy it can be.  Unfortunately, sometimes being too comfy in photos leads to our bellyaching later about how unflattering we look.

Fortunately, in photography, there is a way take full advantage of donuts’ deliciousness without any unwanted side effects or guilt.


The first principal of posing in swimwear is to elongate the body.  But sitting upright in a pool float can be tricky.  We have to stretch out in a different way. 

Start by turning yourself a bit to one side and making a triangle with your arm.  From this position of balance, you can raise a leg in the air without flipping over.  You do not have to be a traveling member of Cirque du Soleil to perform this slight bit of acrobatics, and the effect on our poses is a more elegant, delicate, and slender look. 

Eager to try this yummy pose?  Ask me questions and let me know how you fare by commenting below.

Happy Snapping!