Go Long FTW! tip to be more photogenic

In football and in finance, you “go long” expecting your stock (or your score) to rise.

Ballet dancers balance on their toes instead of the balls of their feet to elongate their legs and exaggerate their movements in a breathtaking display of elegance, grace, and precision.  

When you’re in something for the long haul, you’re totally committed to winning.  Elongating our bodies is likewise the key to taking winning photographs.

tip to be more photogenic

Notice how in the photo pictured on the right my legs are tucked and close to my body.  The effect is a less-than-flattering one that tends to make me look timid and dumpy.  

By comparison, in the pose on the left I look slimmer and exude more confidence. By elongating my leg away from my body, I also come across as more elegant.

In your next photo (especially wearing swimwear) don’t forget to outstretch your leg(s). This winning effect will see your images go from looking self-taught to stock, and take you from seeming meh to marvelous!  

Happy Snapping, ftw!