Power Pose - Look more confident in your photos

You only get one chance to make a powerful first impression.

Look more confident in your photos

So straighten up and hold your head high!

Research out of Harvard University reveals that we can change other people's perceptions, and perhaps even the chemistry of our own brain, simply by changing body positions. The study by nonverbal behavioralist Amy Cuddy describes what she calls a “high power” pose, performance of which for a scant 2 minutes ups the body's hormonal production and leaves us feeling more confident and less stressed. 

Want to know more? 

Skip Troy McClure’s self-help videos. Instead check out my photo below and see how I put Professor Cuddy’s theory to practice.

Look more confident in your photos


Look more confident in your photos

And don’t miss her amazing TED talk on the topic of her acclaimed research at the end of this post.


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