The Confident Squinch

Big eyes are beautiful, but a wide-eyed look on camera can make us look fearful and uncertain.  To overcome this, some models have popularized “the smize,” or smiling eyes, pose.  The pouty “duckface” look has been offered as another solution.  The chief criticism of these techniques, however, is that they tend to make the subject look “fake.”  

A way to naturally looking better and more confident in photos is by squinching.  It’s like squinting, but not.  And the squinch works, regardless of how much or little self-confidence you inwardly feel.


Because our eyes tend to widen when we become afraid or nervous, we want to avoid conveying these emotions in photos.  


The key is to not overthink your pose.  Don’t even worry about smiling.  Instead, squinch your eyes for a more assured outcome.

Start by pulling the lower eyelid closer to your pupil. Basically, squint your lower lid up a bit.

Next, bring the upper eyelid down slightly.  It helps to imagine that you are peering through a fog or trying to examine the fine print in your iPhone license agreement.

Finally, pose with ravishing confidence.


So the next time you find yourself nervously thinking or feeling jittery about how you’re going to smile in a photo, remember to squinch and dazzle the camera with your eyes.

Are you ready to try the squinch technique?  Leave your comments or questions below!

Happy Snapping!


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