Camila Canabal Fashion Editorial

camila canabal

When I was a child, I remember being thrilled to watch tv shows like, "Aprieta y gana," "Tropa de vacasiones¨ and "De boca en boca¨. They all had one thing in common: Camila Canabal. With her smile and charisma, she conquered the hearts of all Venezuelans.

That's why when I made my book with the cancer foundation "Keep a breast," and Camilla was selected for the cover, my heart began to throb rapidly. It was a joyful feeling to be able to work with a talented and inspiring woman who not only has had many achievements but continues to create them.

I had the opportunity to be on set with her again this past month, for a fashion editorial where she introduced her new purse collection.

¨One of the beautiful things about this project is that for each purse sold a percentage of the proceeds goes to the I LOVE VENEZUELA Foundation, benefiting our beloved country of Venezuela,¨ Camila said.

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