3 Crazy-Effective Elements That Will Instantly Improve Photos with BFFs

Hello Shutterbugs!

Taking photos with your friends is a lot of fun but can be confusing. No one quite knows where to stand, or what to do, and each can end up looking like they are not having an altogether great time, which might actually be true.

To bring back the best part in BFFs, I want to share with you 3 tricks that have made my life as a photographer much easier and my photos appear way better.

Are you ready? Let's go!

Find a Balance in Your Photos

If we stand next to each other in a photo, two things will inevitably happen. First, if our bodies are not the same (which is likely the case) somebody is going to look bigger. Second, we are not creating any playful composition, and our photos will likewise come out looking boring and flat.

no levels.gif

For these two reasons, it is best to create levels in our photos.


Here, by my simple gesture of getting down on the floor, we create 3 levels, and our photo grows exponentially better. Do you see a BIG difference? Let me know in the comments.

How to pose in photos.jpg

Show the “Real” You Through Fashion

Being trendy is great, but all you really need is to feel comfortable. Pick out an outfit that shows off your personality and makes you feel like a queen.

how to pose in photos with a friend.jpg

In this photo, I am wearing a yellow jumpsuit with a gray top. It is my pick to show off the perfect  summertime vibe, with hairclips, a simple necklace, and a pair of retro yellow, big plastic sunglasses, because who doesn't love the sizzling 70s?

My friend Blanca opted for a more classic chic. She went with a blue shirt and blue jeans. To spice up her look, she finally added some sweet sunglasses.

Both outfits show off our individual personalities and make us feel comfortable and therefore look good.

Get the right equipment.

Asking somebody to take a picture of you, will be something like this. They will count to 3 take one picture and leave.

If you want to have the flexibility to take more than one picture with your friend, which is the right thing to do so you can feel more relax, and get in the mood. You will need the following.

- A tripod that is light and easy to carry

- A remote control to snap your photos on your phone.

I smell freedom with this tips lol.

Bonus tip - Post-production

But no photo is done without the right post-production. So you need a good filter that helps you showcase the real you.

lightroom preset.gif

In this photo, I use my Lightroom Preset LOLITA.

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Remember you are beautiful and special.

Happy snapping!

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