Curious secret to pose in swimsuit

How to look more glamorous in your beach photos

Beach photo pose

Hello Shutterbugs!

Some of you are fortunate enough to live in cities where summer never leaves, while others are anxiously preparing for the arrival of one of the most fun seasons. Where we stopped covering, and we started working on our tan.

But I also know that many of you don't feel very comfortable posing in a bathing suit. But do not worry, because you are not alone.

For many years I was scared to take pictures at the beach, well, to be honest, I was afraid to take photos in any way. But on the beach, it was much more intense, because I had to add the stress of having fewer clothes than usual. The good news is that while I was taking pictures of several models, I noticed certain poses that, regardless of the type of body, are much more flattering.

I'll give you one of the examples, which will make your photos much more successful.


When we take a frontal picture with bent legs, we cover our bodies. This pose is usual in girls who are afraid to look overweight or are quite shy. It is a way of protecting yourself in an uncomfortable situation. And that's exactly how it looks. You will seem thicker because you are entirely compressed, and you will look insecure because it is a close pose.

how to pose in a swimsuit

The solution

Poses sideways

You will automatically create a triangle with your legs, and this will make you look much more relaxed and confident. If you feel that the abdomen area looks very voluptuous for your taste, you can camouflage it with your arms. But if that day you are feeling confident, I recommend you lengthen the torso.

how to pose in a swimsuit

The difference in results is instantaneous, especially in the way you project to others.

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