Give a change to your photos without much effort.

When we think of a picture, we think of smiling and posing with the hand on the waist. Although this has nothing wrong, it is a very safe bet.

In those moments is when we begin to feel that all our photos are similar, and we get bored a bit with the process of being photographed. When in reality, the process is what should be more fun.

But how can we achieve this with a single pose?

Changing the levels

How to pose in photos

Instead of taking the photo standing as you always do, dare to touch the floor. Such a small but significant change makes us change our perspective.

How to pose in photos

You can do it even more interesting when the person who is taking the picture is at your level. Because on a daily basis most of the time we see ourselves standing, and if you crouch, the person looks at you from above. However, when the photographer goes to your level, it's almost like discovering a new world.

How to be photogenic
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