Sexy Photos in bed. How to pose.

Our room is a sacred place; it is where we rest at the end of the day, and where we share our dreams. But it is also a place full of sensuality.

For being a private place, it is my favorite location for intimate photos, or as many call it "boudoir."

Sexy Photos in bed. How to pose.

Boudoir means dressing table, but in the photo world, a "boudoir session" are photos in lingerie where the girls reveal themselves with a touch of elegance and sensuality.

These photographs are perfect to share with your partner or to have a beautiful memory. (If you are interested in a boudoir photo shoot, email us at bonnie@bonnierzmphoto)

But like everything, you can look like a star, or you can end up seeing yourself starry. With vulgar poses, or giving strength to traits that do not favor you.

So in my exclusive video, I will explain:

  • Pose to show everything and nothing at the same time

  • How to pose and make your butt look better

  • How to pose in bed

  • And much more.

Duration: 5:45 mins

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