10 tips to get perfect lips in photos

Getting perfect lips in photos, won't be a secret anymore

The lips are a symbol of sensuality, and an article in Salud180 explains:

The researcher Michael Cunningham, director of the study, points out that men look for a combination of fullness, redness, and warmth in the lips of a woman, they give a sensation of real receptivity.

In general, the study shows that a small nose, large eyes, and voluptuous lips are sexually attractive, both in men and women.

On the other hand, an investigation of the University of Manchester emphasizes that men spend more time looking at the lips than any other part of the face.

Surely we have seen many celebrities use their lips to convey sensuality in their photos, here I some examples:

And although many think that they have to be blessed with goddess lips, or resort to injections, I have a couple of tricks that will make your lips look more voluminous, sensual and photogenic without needing injections or divine help.


I made you an exclusive video, where I explain the following points:

  • The technique for natural looking lips.

  • Angles that favor your lips

  • Objects that convey sensuality

  • A funny pose that favors your face and lips

  • How to use your hands correctly to highlight your lips

  • And much more

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