Is Closing Your Eyes In Photos A Problem?


The camera flash 📸, a beam of sunlight 🌤, or an unexpected sneeze 🤧 : in the blink of an eye these things can ruin a perfectly good photo. So how do we ensure our eyes  stay open in photos when the camera or Mother Nature is fighting us 😵🥊? Plan 🤔!

Close your eyes 😑. Tell the cameraman to not snap the picture until the count of☝️, ✌️, 3️⃣, at which point you open your eyes 😃.

This shields🛡the retina 👀 from intense lighting💥 for a time leading up to the snapshot, so the felt-need to blink doesn’t happen to ruin your perfect photo. 

P.S.: In almost every family photo 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦, my mom used to have her eyes closed 😩. I started using this trick 🤹‍♀️ with her, and now she looks amazing in her pictures all of the time 🤩!

Bonnie RodriguezComment