How to Pose With a Scarf

Taking photos 📸 during winter ❄️, with all the layers of clothing 🧦 and accessories 🧤needed to stay warm, can make us look bulky 🤶. 

But, let’s face it, we photo lovers 😍🤳, aren’t going to just stop 🛑 taking pictures a quarter of the year. 

So what‘s a shivering shutterbug 🐛 to do? Play with them 🦋! 

A scarf🧣is my favorite accessory with which to do this. Throwing it 🤽‍♀️to the wind 🌬changes the camera’s focus 📷 for a dynamic effect  💫.

Sure, you won't be as snuggly warm 😨 for a brief moment ⏱, but believe me, the sacrifice ⛄️ is worth it💰!

Are you willing to try this effect 💁‍♀️💨🧣? Let me know in the comments below 👇.