Lose Inches In One Easy Step - Photo tip to look slimmer

Photo tip to look slimmer

We have all seen those fad commercials promising extraordinary weight loss results without diet or exercise.

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These ads underlay our desire to appear a certain way.  Not only do appearances impact our perceived daily interactions but also those of the cyber sort in social media.  Oh, and the camera can add 10 pounds more!  But wait.  There is a photo trick to make those added inches disappear like magic.

Ready to know how?


In photography, visual tricks are gospel.  The camera addeth inches, and the camera taketh inches away.  By positioning your hands closer together around your waist, you create the visual effect of having a smaller and more well defined waistline.  Just like that, poof!

Photo tip to look slimmer

Are you ready to give this marvelous magic trick a try?  Leave your questions and comments below.

Happy Snapping!