Bon Voyage, Popeye! Get slimmer arms in photos

My arms have been a personal struggle all my live.  This is why I know just about every trick in the book on how to make them look the right size.  If you're with me on this appendages train, this move is going to make a huge difference in your photos.


I cannot stress enough to avoid at all costs placing too much weight or pressure on your arms.  Like when the Japanese found that zapping Godzilla with electric bolts ⚡️ only makes him stronger, resting against your arms only makes them loom larger (read: more unflattering).  

Instead, settle down and relax.  Literally, I mean, have a seat resting your arms by your side.  They will look slimmer (i.e., better).   And you'll thank me for it.

Happy Snapping!