Keep Moving to Find the Perfect Photo - Tip to be photogenic

The perfect photo. can you picture it?  

It should be a snapshot that moves you, one that is lively and never dull or routine. And it requires more than a single click of the shutter.

Tip to be photogenic

In my now almost 15 years of shooting models, actresses, and athletes, I have learned that the way to get a photo just right (perfect, in fact) is to never stop moving.

Bodies in motion tend to stay in motion

Probably the last thing that comes to mind when you think of "lively"  and "fun" is sir Issac newton. His laws of motion may sound very geeky to most people and discussions over these laws might seem best left to the classroom.  But if you recall your high school physics lecture about how bodies in motion tend to stay in motion, and bodies at rest tend to stay that way too, you begin to realize the larger application of newton's first law on how we live our lives and share our experiences through photos.


Take a sec and look at the photo of me on the right.  I am just standing there. Bleh. I even look a bit "thicker" because i'm standing still, which tends to focus and pronounce the volume of my upper body.  

Now look at the photo on the left.  I look slimmer. that's because I'm moving!  notice how my arms form a triangle, my hips are pivoting, and my left calf is flexed.  Instead of focusing on my not-so-flattering girth, your eyes see the lively movements I’m making.  Incidentally, this pic also looks more fun, and that makes me appear noticeably more attractive.


So, when your aiming for that perfect shot, remember: keep moving!  snap a series of pics in succession to find that sweet shot. even the tiniest movement can be the difference between looking drably and flabby, and appearing slimmer, more elegant, and a helluva lot more fun!

happy snapping!