Place Your Hand Upon Your Hip. Tip to be photogenic

Tip to be photogenic

You don't have to be familiar with Jim Collins to understand the concept that

“good is the enemy of great.”

It's easy to settle for good pictures, so we often stop short of taking great ones. This week I highlight one surefire way to make a good photo great.

Place Your Hand Upon Your Hip

The difference between goodness and greatness can be ever so slight. Here are three reasons why this single, solitary movement ups the ante:

#1. The Frame-Up.

Regardless of whether you're wearing a more fitted outfit, as I am here, or lounging in baggy clothing for a pic, putting your hand on your hip helps to frame your silhouette. It hides the inconvenient truth that maybe you haven't quite started that summer shape-up routine as yet, and it deceives the camera into making you appear thinner.

#2. No Sleight-Of-Hand Required.

It's not magic. Setting your wrists on your hips so that your hands are behind your waist will only make you look as though you were in a Criss Angel saw trick gone awry! Instead, grab your waist fully with your hands, and show off that manicure!

#3. Confidence is Key.

Keep your chin up! I mean it literally. This is the secret that all models employ to appear more stylized in photos.