Fake it till you make it - How to pose when their is dust in the air

bonnie rodriguez.png

I think Sylvester Stallone said it best in Rocky VII:

“Life ain’t all sunshine and Rambos.”

Err, um, something like that. 

Puns aside, outdoor photography does not always translate into perfect natural lighting. Sometimes the weather is cloudy, or windy, or worse. 

In these instances, heed another saying:

“If you cant beat ‘em, join ‘em.”

The lesson is don’t fight Mother Nature, play along with her instead. 

If dust or rain is preventing you from opening your eyes completely, take the photo op with your eyes closed and pretend to enjoy the breeze, look down to showcase your beautiful eye makeup or, better yet, squinch (see my earlier posts for more on that). 

Closing your eyes might sound unideal, but it actually presents the viewer with a more candid photo sentiment like the poses often seen in fashion model shoots. Besides, it beats the heck out of the uncontrolled, eyes half opened, I-might-be-having-a-seizure or maybe-I’m-about-to-sneeze looks.