Photo shoot


Portrait shoot

For whom? 

- Website Photos 

- Business cards

- Linked Profile 

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Fashion Shoot

- Company Campaigns: Clothing brands, accessories brands, beauty products, business advertising, music album covers, magazine covers, editorials, entrepreneur and more. 

- Modeling Book: headshots, different looks.

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Social media


Blogger Package 

 What is it?

It's-a faster and accessible way to generate content for your social.

The blogger package is several photo shoots a month of one hour or two hours, where you can change your outfit several times.

Cheaper than regular photo session, and with a minimum of 3 months.


- It helps you keep harmony in your style in social media.

- You will have content ready, which will give you the opportunity to have more free time.

- Best price per sessionField the form, book today and be a star! 

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