4 Photo Tips You Need To Know When Selecting A Wedding Dress

Your wedding day, a time to gather your family and friends around in celebration that you found THE ONE. 

The bride and the groom are the centers of attention. It’s no wonder, then, why you’ll want to look your absolute best, better than you ever have looked before. 

No pressure, though. 

Not only do you need to look gorg in person, but also you’ll need to stun in every photo to be seen by generations to come. 

The best way to achieve these dual goals is to take photos before the wedding, when your trying on and buying the dress. Not only will such snapshots provide a sneak preview of how you’ll be pictured on your big day, but also browsing the photos in store will help you to choose the gown that’s just right for you.

On my own hunt to find the perfect wedding dress, I went to an in-store event at Brides of Florida here in Miami. There, I found Maggie Sottero Designs and fell in love with several of her dresses. The pictures we took there helped me to sort the best from the rest.

Once you’ve found your perfect bridal boutique and designer, use the following four tips when taking those helpful photos of your dream dress. 

1. Not All Lighting Is Created Equal

Interior lighting can distort the way a dress actually appears to fit you. I was fortunate that at Brides of Florida they have a beautiful, large window where light shines in  from the side. Similarly, look to be fitted where illumination comes at you as opposed to over you (e.g., from the ceiling above). 

2. Show Off That Glam

Wedding dresses very often have a train. If you don’t set this the right way, though, it can look like a shapeless mass of fabric. So bring a friend along or ask one of the in-store experts to arrange the train for you correctly. This will give you a more accurate idea of its presentation. 

3. Don’t Underestimate Accessories

Recall that episode of the Simpsons, in which Homer derides Lisa’s veganism at his backyard barbecue by explaining to her that “you don’t win friends with salad.” Like sides to a rack of ribs, accessories are mere accoutrements to the wedding gown. But they play a much bigger role in setting the overall vibe for your bridal look, and this gets at the heart (not the artichoke variety) of what you want on your wedding day. Whereas a traditional veil can convey romanticism and purity, a floral crown might express your vintage appeal or give a rustic look. Ask the design staff to provide accessories that help to develop the look and feel needed to win over friends on your big day.  

4. Be Aware Of Angles


Have your photos taken from a straight-on perspective. This gives you a better idea of how the dress actually looks on you. Sure, you’ll seem more petite or prominent if the stills are shot from a high or low angle, but that’s not how others are going to see you. 

With these tips in mind, you’re now set to have the sort of fantastic experience I had shopping for my wedding dress. In fact, if you book an appointment with Brides of Florida, they’ve agreed to give a discount when you mention that I sent you.