How to take worthwhile travel photos

Tips to change your trip photos forever.

Travel photos.jpg

If you did not photograph it, it never happened.

And that statement is valid, but the quality of the photo and the message is even more critical to keep the right memory.

Unfortunately, many times we travel and because we do not have the right photography knowledge, we let incredible moments pass by, that could have made history in our photo album or social media.

To avoid this, I made a video where I explain vital points like:

  • How to interact with our location and do not look bored (leave aside the statue photo)

  • How to tell a story with small changes when taking the picture.

  • How to take the perfect photo at the airport.

  • How to find movement in 2D photos

  • Tips for your photos in different locations such as snow, mountain, beach, and the city

Duration of the video: 14: 44mins

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