Editing with VSCO and FACETUNE step by step

I took the photo, now what?


You took the perfect picture, but you know that you need a final touch. Editing.

When we take our photos (especially with our phone), we obtain a neutral result, but with the editing magic we can relive colors and execute adjustments that help us get a more attractive photo.

One of my favorite applications for making small adjustments is Facetune. This application is famous for their fantastic tools to edited selfies, but these options can also help you in another kind of photos.

 How can I discover these tools?

To further explain some of the options offered by Facetune, and how to use them in ways you might not have thought possible, I made a video that includes:

  • How to enhance specific areas of our photo.

  •  How to change the color of something that distracts us.

  • How to generate more textures in our photos.

  • How to use specific tools, to obtain better skin.

Duration of the video: 2: 52mins

I will show you all this points, and much more in my video "Editing a photo step by step in Facetune."

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