Photo kids trends

Are you tired of having the same picture again and again with your children?


Always smiling in front of the camera and that's about it? Well, I'm here to tell you that there are several ways to get a more interesting, attractive, and much more fun picture with your kids.

¿You don't believe me?

Many parents are taking their photography to the next level. Yes, some of them have pretty elaborate ideas, but others make small changes that make a big difference in the final photo.

The goal?

Organizing a photo day where you share with your children, move your creativity, and above all have fun. One of the most fun things is to have a family project (short-term) and get a result by working together (the final photo).

Let's do it!

To achieve more success in your photos, I made a video for my exclusive access members. Where I share several ideas, perfect to start experimenting. Reinforcing this video with a first video where I share "Photo tips for your children" that includes tools to help you in the process.

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