Halloween photo tips

Halloween is my favorite time, we not only have the opportunity to dress as our favorite characters but we also can express ourselves creatively through photography.

Halloween photo tips

Several ingredients will create the perfect image for Halloween:

  • Lighting tricks: They will help us to capture the essence of the season.

  • Phone: There are options that you already have in your hands that will help you capture better results, solving common problems during this celebration.

  • Tools: be aware of equipment that will help you even more in your process.

  • Facing situations: In Halloween, you can have some difficulties when photographing kids, and having the knowledge to confront them is key to achieving the perfect photo.

In this video, I explain to you more in depth these points and others that will make your photo bloom from blurred, without detail and bad lighting, to a photo that is creative, unique and ready to share in your social networks.

Duration of the video: 06:48 mins

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