4 Reasons You Shouldn't Be Using Flash

The word "photography" comes from Greek, meaning "drawing with light." Not surprising, then, lighting is everything in photography. 


When natural light is not available, too often we attempt to overcompensate for it with the artificial variety. In fact, the biggest photo blunders I see on Instagram occur when people are using their camera flash.

Here is why you should turn the flash off and slowly step away from the camera:

  • Flash exposes all the closeup details of your skin. Eww. Is that a blackhead?

  • Smile ... BANG! The unexpected flash of light increases the likelihood of having red eyes

  • Flash photography creates large looming shadows behind us in photos; the effect is, well, unflattering

  • Flash tends to make our faces look oily, "Looking pretty here slick, Girl!" ... Wait, what?

So unless it's Halloween, and you are trying to look like a red-eyed shadowy figure or the local fast food chain deep-fry worker, it is  better sometimes to wait till tomorrow on that pic, and bask in the natural light. 

If you've been using your camera flash recently or know someone who has, leave your comment below and tag a friend. And don't forget: Just Say No  to Flash! 

This has been a public service announcement. Happy snapping!