3 Tips to Project Fuller Lips Without Injections

Full and fleshy lips are irresistibly kissable symbols of sexy.  Alas, not all of us is born with perfectly pouty cupid bows.  For those not so lucky as Angelina Jolie, I provide these 3 tips for creating the illusion of fuller lips in all of your photos.  Here’s how to be sexy without injecting:

Download the app Facetune.

 Credit:  @BonnieRzM

Credit: @BonnieRzM

This is my favorite app to make facial adjustments because it allows for oh-so subtle and detailed changes.

reshape facetune

Using the app’s “reshape” tool, enhance the center part of your lips.  Be careful though.  Too much reshaping near the corners of your mouth will take you right past sexy to full-on circus clown freaky.

Post-Production Makeup

Using a paler hue than your lipstick, brighten the center of your lips to give them dimension.  This is a pro tip employed by makeup artists and models alike.

 Credit: Divine Caroline 

Credit: Divine Caroline 

Alternatively, you can achieve the same post-production effect with Facetune, using the tool “whiten.”


The “Prune” Technique

This not-so-cheesy way of smiling comes from the Olsen Twins.  Instead of saying, “cheese” before a photo, the Twins say “prune.”  Mouthing the prū sound purses the lips, whereas the nĕ relaxes the muscles around the mouth.  This gives the Twins an added fullness to their lips, without ever looking like they forced a “duck face.”

This is their final result:

 Credit: People.com 

Credit: People.com 

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Happy Snapping!