3 Photo Tips You Need on Saint Patrick's Day

3 consejos para tus fotos de San Patricio

Ah, March 17th, the day we celebrate the patron saint of Ireland by dancing a jig and enjoying a pint (or several) without guilt. To better show off your green spirit, I present to you these 3 tips for perfecting your St. Paddy's Day photos:

Take Advantage of the Daylight

Stave off the temptation to head to that Irish pub too early, and instead take your daytime partying to the streets. Among the many bar-hopping revelers and colorfully-clad parade-goers is where you’ll snap your best photos.

Avoid Those Drunk Photos

Friends don’t let friends photograph drunk. And on a day celebrated by drinking to a saint, we are left feeling pretty guilt free about not staying sober. But if you don’t want your St. Patrick’s Day spirit coming back to haunt you, snap those pics when you get your first beer. The photos you take after that should be kept in a locked folder on your phone. Here’s 3 apps to keep you from posting when you are, ahem, tipsy:

— Gallery Lock Lite;

— Private Photo Vault; and

—Keep Safe.

Give Yourself the “Green” Light to Play with Angles

Get high (not just from the beer) and perch yourself above the crowd to snap memorable photos of your crew. Or get sideways (drunk pun #2) with the camera, turning it to snap full-body shots of your lucky green outfit. A lot of people will be photographing the same events, but your photos will be special if taken from your own unique perspective.


Mike and I did a quick, fun leprechaun-inspired photoshoot for our personal project #Viewtifulmess. Here's the result!  Enjoy, and until next time, happy shillelagh snapping!

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