Slow And Steady Wins The Race 🏁 Movement in photos.

The story of the tortoise 🐢 and the hare 🐇 teaches use that those who rush do not necessarily get the best result. This principle works in photography too.

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Picture this: you're out to lunch with and your bff and looking flawless when suddenly you happen upon Beyoncé. Somehow the two of you convince Sasha Fierce into posing for a photo  doing the Single Lady hand movement together. The maître’d snaps the photo you are sure is perfect for your next Instagram post. As Queen B exits the building, you hurry to open your camera roll only to find that the image is blurry!

Nooooo! you exclaim loudly, forgetting to use your inner voice. The hostess asks you to leave. Beyoncé sees you and your friend getting escorted out.

This photographic tragedy could have been prevented. The key to photographing movements using equipment like a camera phone with limited controls is to sloooow things down. Instead of dancing (or even walking) at normal speed, do so in slo-mo. Better yet, pretend to do so when you are at a near standstill.

Pose simulating a walk that doesn’t blur by putting one foot in front of the other and positioning your legs like a rocking chair. This technique ensures your action shots are always post worthy on Instagram.

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