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Bonnie Rodríguez is a Venezuelan-born and American-educated fashion photographer, holding a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the Universidad Santa Maria and a Master of Fine Arts in Photography from Manhattan's prestigious New York Film Academy.

Bonnie’s creative perspective uniquely blends her American education and formal background training with an inspired intuition and passionate flair from her Latin roots.

Her photography has garnered attention from major media outlets like Huffington Post and Playboy. And she successfully grabbed the public eye in helping to brand art and artists at companies such as Atlantic Records.

In addition to her professional works, Bonnie has published and exhibited some of her personal projects in metropolitan New York, Los Angeles, Caracas, and Miami.

Our most popular courses are: 
1.Photography for beginners
2.Photography for your social media
3.How to use your DSLR
4.Phone Photography
We make personalize courses too. Let us know what would you like to learn and we will send you a special proposal. 

Photo course Miami

Private Classes: $350 

Group classes (more than 5): $250

photo course Miami

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