21 days exercise routine

To be able to fit in my future dress 👰I started training 💪🏻. I have a sedentary lifestyle, with many many hours sitting down with my computer 💻.So changing my habits is a big challenge for me. 😅

The program I’m doing is @21dayfix, and this is my second week, to be honest, I’m very excited to show you!


  • It’s only 30 mins, which works for me because I don’t have the excuse of not having time.🙈 

  • It’s 21 days so I fell the goal is shorter, which is good to form the habit 

  • It’s intense and I feel I’m working every muscle 💪🏻

Here, you can see part of the routine.

What kind of workout is your favorite? Leave it in the comments 👇🏼

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