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Why does BonnieRzM use cookies?

The BonnieRzM website and the mobile application uses its own and third-party cookies to guarantee the best user experience. Cookies facilitate rapid access and contribute to improving the levels of personalization of content.

Here you will find all the information you need to know about Cookies, their importance, how they are used and what typologies exist.

What is a Cookie?

It is a file that is stored on your device when you access the website or mobile application. A Cookie allows you to store and retrieve information about the user's behavior in that environment, number of visits, pages that you visit, where you stay longer, the content you like, among other important information.

It is very important to highlight that through the use of cookies no personal data of users is stored.

At all times you have control and you can configure your browser to not accept the use of cookies, this means that you can not customize the experience you have while browsing the website or mobile application.

Types of cookies

The cookies are divided into several categories according to their operation and the same cookie can be found included in more than one line.

According to the attribution

Own cookies: are those sent from the computer or domain of the owner of the site or the application directly to the user's device.

Cookies can only be considered as their own when the information they collect is managed by the owner of the website or mobile application.

Third-party cookies: are those that are sent from a computer or domain different from the owner of the website or mobile application, directly to the user's device.

According to the expiration

Session cookies: they are the ones that collect and store data while you visit the website or the application, they expire when you leave it.

Permanent cookies: those that are stored in the device, can be accessed or treated during the time of permanence for which they were created, although they can also be deleted manually.

According to their objective

Technical cookies: they are fundamental to guarantee the correct functioning of multiple processes within the website or the application. If this type of cookies is deactivated, it may affect the visualization of the contents of the site, even some functionalities may be interrupted.

Personalization cookies: as the name implies, they allow you to save your preferences so that when you access the website or the application they load in a predefined way and a better experience. Among the most important are the language, browser, time zone, among others.

Performance cookies: work in a similar way to personalization cookies, but are focused on maintaining the parameters you select for a certain action within the website or the application, for example, quality of the images when uploading or downloading, use of mobile data for uploading files, among others.

Analysis cookies: they are used every time you access the website or the application for statistical analysis, these types of cookies come from services such as Google Analytics and allow you to identify yourself anonymously to know the device you use, browser, time you stay in the pages and what your favorite content is They also let you know if you are a new user or you are repeating the visit.

It is very important to highlight that this type of cookies does not identify people, only devices, operating systems and browsers, it will only identify you if you decide so by registering on our site or mobile application.

Registration cookies: generated when you register or log in to the website or mobile application and meet the following objectives:

1.- Keep your identification as a user so that when you turn off the device or close the browser you do not have to log in again, facilitating navigation in a more expeditious manner. But you can also delete the cookie if you decide so by clicking on the exit button, so that your user is not remembered.

2.- It allows the verification of authorizations to use certain services within the website or the application.

3.- It also allows the use of services provided by third parties to perform the registration. When you access the website or the application through a social network or service such as Google, Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter, a cookie is generated to remember your identity and thus be able to guarantee access quickly. This type of cookies have a certain expiration time, but you can also revoke their access from the preferences panel of the social network or selected service.

Advertising cookies: this type of cookies help to collect and manage information anonymously, based on your browsing behavior and interests, so that you are presented with advertising spaces according to your tastes and preferences.

For the management of advertising spaces Adservers are used that are provided by third parties, they can also store cookies that are sent from the website or the BonnieRzM application, as well as access the data stored in them.

Geolocation cookies: they are used to detect your location when you access the website or mobile application. It is used to show relevant content to the geographical sector where you are and is totally anonymous.

How to disable cookies?

Currently almost all browsers allow access to the settings so you can enable or disable the use of cookies. They also give you the possibility to erase the cookies generated by a particular website.

Here we indicate you access to the configuration of cookies for the main browsers:

Chrome: Settings> Show advanced options> Privacy> Content settings.

Firefox: Tools> Options> Privacy> History> Custom Settings.

Internet Explorer: Tools> Internet Options> Privacy> Configuration.

Safari: Preferences> Security.

What type of cookies does BonnieRzM use?


__cfduid / Third party cookie with temporary use

It is a cookie of Cloudflare, is used to optimize the speed of downloading information and at the same time ensure safe navigation within the website

_utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmt, __utmv, __utmz / Third party cookies with indefinite use

Cookie for analytical purposes provided by Google Analytics

_ga; _gat / Third party cookie with indefinite use

Cookie for analytical purposes provided by Google Analytics

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