Bonnie rodriguez fotografa photographer

BonnieRzM Studio is a space located in the heart of Downtown Miami, offering premium photography services customized to individuals’ needs.

The Studio’s proprietor, Bonnie Rodriguez, is a Venezuelan-born and American-educated fashion photographer, holding a Master of Fine Arts in Photography from Manhattan's prestigious New York Film Academy.

Ms. Rodriguez’s creative perspective uniquely blends her American education and formal background, training with the inspired intuition and passionate flair for her Latin roots. Her extensive experience has garnered the attention of national media outlets such as the Huffington Post and Playboy, and her personal projects have been published and exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, Caracas, and, of course, Miami. 

Inside the Studio, Bonnie's perspective is no different. Clients are treated not as customers, but as collaborative partners in a personalized project aimed at having them look their absolute best. The result is a photographic approach that can best be described as fun, yet professional, with a sense of youthful abandonment thrown in for good measure, so long as the client is her partner-in-crime (so to speak).

We invite you to browse our website; follow us on Instagram; and contact us below to schedule an appointment. 

We look forward to partnering with you in all of your photography needs.